We truly love this movie! Click on each movie
photo to get a You Tube movie clip "song".
Enjoy to the fullest!

Babies here are 4 week old babies, out of
Cressida and Trumpet. Four kids are still
available.... They will be very heavy solid kids
with lots of coat. Send email inquiry if you
want to be pre-approved to adopt one of
these special darlings!! Or look us up on
Facebook. Either with "Phyllis Stiebens" or
with "Behold and Kumskaka Maine Coons"
Dad "Trumpet"
Cameo tabby  


Mom "Cressida"
poly paw
Gramma Tala
is reserved
Wayfinder  is a silver torbie poly paw female Big, chunky and downright
gorgeous. If you see her in person you will agree!
Chief is a solid white an he will be gold eyed. He is built like a tank! Really
macho and calm gentle fellow who we adore.
Moana is a brown torbie female. She is really big, really solid and excellent
quality! We love her baby girl attitude right now too. Really fun!
TeFiti is a lovely white female and  will have gold eyes. She has
been active and bubbly in personality since birth. This is one very
playful and fun kitten!
Maui is a huge macho looking silver mackerel tabby male. He is built like a
tank and yet so calm and relaxed about life. He has been held by ourselves
and we decided to get an unrelated male from another breeder. This will be
hard boy to part with though. Really awesome boy!