Kumskaka Has No Other Choice PP
Silver patched tabby, poly paw female
Gilli is a treasure in
our home! She has
been kissing and
hugging on us
from a very early
HCM Echo: Normal
PKD: Negative
HD: Good
SIRE: Coonplay Theodan King
Red tabby (solid)
Negative on all DNA tests
HCM ultrasound: negative at age 2
DAM: Kumskaka I'll Join the Rocks,
Silver tabby
Negative on all DNA test
HD: Good at 3 yrs
HCM ultrasound: Negative at age 4
Rescue those being led
away to death
It is our job as a Christian
and as a believer in our
right to Life, Liberty and
Freedom... we have no
other choice but to save
the babies. There is no
such thing as a "right" to
kill an innocent baby for
ANY reason. There are
always options and help for
pregnant scared women.
We need to educate
everyone about the right to
LIFE. Join the rescue
efforts today!