Joyan is a big girl with a thick  coat and is
superbly beautiful.
Her parents were tested negative for the
HCM genetic gene.
Top 5 = 22.5%
She was named after a song from a group
called F.F.H. ( I turn it up
every time I listen to it.  We,as the created,
have a duty to praise and worship our God
daily.  All of creation has it's own praise
song and we humans need to join in.  Here
are some of the words from this lovely
I'll join the rocks with their singing,
I'll join the ocean as it harmonizes with
the shore, I'll clap my hands with the
mountains, as all creation cries for
more... I'll never stop, If I'm the last
one living, Your song goes on and on
and I must testify..I know that I  was born
to if all the singing seems
to stop....I'll join the rocks."
Prairiebaby Mercy Spring Frost
Kumskaka's Spiritual Heritage
Mtnmaine Inheritance of Kumskaka
Prairiebaby Hope Springs Eternal P
Prairiebaby Rest in Fields of Grace
Kumskaka Spirit of Liberty
Kumskaka I'll Join the Rocks
            Silver tabby poly, F4
DNA Test results:

MYBPC3R: -/-
PKD: -/-
MPS1, MPSM: -/-
Blood type B: -/-
Dilute: -/+
Solid: -/-
HCM ultrasound: negative
at age 4
HD: Good