Kitten Contract for pets
We at Kumskaka/Behold cattery make many promises and guarantees and this is a basic list of what that provides. There can be
differences on specific kittens but we would make sure you read all contract changes before signing...

ALL cats are guaranteed to be FeLV and FIV negative at time of purchase. We do not vaccinate for these virus's however, that is an
option for the purchaser to do.
The kitten will be vaccinated with the needed baby shots and have at least one vet visit and clean bill of health from them. We
always get a rabies shot and  health certificate before any cat or kitten leaves us.
We will not allow the baby to leave us until we feel this kitten is fully ready and mature enough to go to a new home. The age we
determine for each kitten is not to be negotiated . The average age for our Maine Coon babies is
12-16 weeks.

NEVER give cash refunds. There are other options we can offer if we must, but know from the first that we cannot offer cash
refunds. So please be serious when you pick your kitten. We WILL do whatever it takes to show you how to raise and adore your
bundle of fur.
Below is a copy of our kitten sales agreement. Read it over and make sure you can agree to it before you sign it. (We do not
"require" for you to feed raw  meat and have fixed this on contracts you sign here.)
Once you have put a deposit on a kitten to reserve them, we will ask for your details to then put on a contract for that kitten.
We will email you a  copy. Read/print/sign and then email us a signed copy in return.
A breeding contract is totally different so if you are an established Maine Coon cat breeder, contact us for those details.
Contact us if you have questions on