Behold Kittens!
LOVE them all....
Read our pet purchase agreement BEFORE you put
a deposit on a kitten!    
2021 PRICING FOR KITTENS SOLD AS PETS: (to be neutered/spayed)

$1800-2000 for kittens as pets
(plus $65 soft carrier if kitten is being delivered/shipped)
$2800-3000 for kittens as breeder
(must be approved first)

Young adult, neutered/spayed, is $300-900

We take Paypal and Credit card for payments.

Do not put any deposit down without first talking with us. We need to know a little about you
and your plans before we can approve you for one of our babies.

A deposit of $ 350 is due once we approve you for the purchase of one of our babies. Payments
are then allowed for the remaining balance or can be paid in full before picking up or shipping
your baby.

Deposits are NOT refundable if cancelled by the buyer (no exceptions!)
Payment options in USA, Canada and Europe are by Paypal and Credit Card only.
*Breeder reserves the right to refuse placement of any cat or kitten at any time. Deposits are
NOT refundable unless cancelled by the breeder.
CAN TALK ABOUT ALL OF THIS. Our pricing for a breeding kitten is from $2500- 3000 usd + shipping.  A deposit is
$500 for breeder kitten.  We must approve you before we will consider selling to you. Ask about our contract and we will
send you a copy. We have many rules to follow. If you are new to breeding, you will have to be mentored by us and follow
all our rules. Our goal is to help create a knowledgeable breeder with ethics and lots of LOVE. Send us message if you
want to talk about it.
**All kittens get a rabies shot before leaving our home now. And if you need shipping, we will put you in contact with our
shipper who will bring the cat/kitten to your airport and hand them over to you. Or we can provide (for a fee) delivery for
your kitten if within one day's drive. Ask us about this!
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