About Us:
In 1985 I, Phyllis,  started breeding Maine Coon cats. I never planned to go at
it for so long but found that these cats are like "family". I did CFA showing for
16 years in Michigan, Great Lakes region, but have retired from the show
circuit.  My daughter, Katrina was 3 years old when our first litter was born
and she was 37 in April 2019. My husband Greg Tobias died February of 2011
after 30 years of marriage, so life was a bit different for me for awhile. The
photo shown above is from November 1st, 2012 with my new husband, John
Stiebens. So now as I start a new chapter in my life, I am Mrs Phyllis Stiebens ,
6 years so far, and have been breeding Maine Coons 33 years now.

Behold Maine Coon cattery is dedicated to praising the Lord Jesus and I will
always put HIM first in my life. If you need prayer or just a friend, PLEASE tell
me this. I will pray for you and talk with you, all that you need. The world is a
hard place now but you were put here at this time and place by our Heavenly
Father for a reason.  Praise His Holy Name!

In my Cattery plans, I breed with show lines, mixed with new foundation
and/or out-cross lines, which are rare and hard to find. Starting a new line is a
lot of work and costs but well worth it all. You can learn more about this,
about me and in general....all about the Maine coon cat in our new book.
"Behold the Personal Maine Coon". Just released May 2018....you can find it on
Amazon, at Barnes & Noble, or from me. Just send us an email for details.

With keeping the inbreeding numbers down, we are able to have larger
healthier litters and then with our health testing, we are able to "weed" out
any lines that cause problems of any kind. There are no perfect cat or lines,
but we can always do better and make sure we have a strong healthy breed to
pass on. Personalities are more relaxed and happier when lines are out-crossed.
Back when we were new breeders, this breed used to be nicknamed the "mean
coons" by some of the judges. The personalities were NOT good and many of
the cats being judged would hiss and growl and act so terrible. We hated to see
this and to hear the jokes by the judges, and so that is what got us determined
to help the future of this breed we loved so dearly, right from the start.

We love all the colors and have bred all of them at some time. We have a
favorite of silver tabby and so many of our cats now have silver or smoke in
them. But there is no color that we hate, just a couple we don't really care for.
We love this breed so much and if you have never had a Maine Coon cat, you
will learn why once you own one of these wonderful cats. If you already own a
Maine Coon, you already know how special they are, and owning many of them
really can make a family to adore.

We have bred for a long time, but do not yet plan to quit. There are just so
many things we love about this breed and are excited for every kitten we
produce. We have friends all over the world too which makes for more fun with
each litter.

We love to email, if you have questions just contact us. Phoning is good too
but harder to find time where I am home and can relax. If you are considering
a kitten from us, send us an email and tell us about your home, your family
and what you want in a kitten. I have made many friends from kitten buyers,
and hope to make more friends with you!

Have a great day and we look forward to talking more with you.  PTL!
Phyllis Stiebens