Nordic Breed PP We All Need Jesus
                                           "Bennet", F3
          Blue mackerel tabby male, Poly Paw
SIRE:  Kumskaka's Gandolf the White P
GE White, 1.86% inbreeding & 29.5/5 top 5
DAM: Wackymoon Ella of NordicBreed
Blue mackerel torbie, 0% inbreeding, 11.8% top 5
HCM echo, Normal at age 2, 3 and 6
SMA: Negative
PYKDY: Normal
HD: Good
HCM DNA: -/-
PKD: negative
HCM echo, Normal age 1
PYKDY: Normal
PK: Normal
PKD: Normal
HCM: -/-
SMA: Normal
GM2: Normal
HD: good
Grandsire: Wackymoon Smaug of Kumskaka
HD: good

Granddam: Kumskaka Barely Hear the Whispurr PP
HD: good
HCM DNA: -/-
Grandsire: Redemption of Wackymoon
HCM echo: normal age 1
HCM DNA: -/-
PKD: Negative
SMA: Negative

Granddam: Lykken Wonder of Life of Wackymoon
HCM echo: normal age 5
Bennet is a sweet fellow who was imported from
Denmark, and just walked in and owned us. He
loves everyone, people or cat. He is a nice boy
with a gentle personality and we
have adored him.
He has been neutered and living the great life as a
family pet now
. Thank you Nils for this lovely boy
and thank you Berit for helping make it a
To follow Jesus is not about living a religion, it's
about knowing a living person. He did not just leave
us a legacy of teachings, He left us Himself. We don't
get our marching orders from Him and then proceed
to live the Christian life without Him. We don't
observe and applaud His words and His works from
a distance, without getting in the game ourselves. We
don't base our discipleship on our feelings, which
come and go as often as the wind changes direction.
We follow Him! The promise of discipleship is that we
are not alone in our obedience. We are following a
person. We can talk with Him, cry with Him, listen to
Him and work with Him. Unlike many religions that
teach their adherents a set of principles and then
send them off to live those principles, the living
Jesus is
with us as He teaches us. We should have
principles, feelings, curiosity and reason, but we do
not base our lives on any of these alone. We follow
Him! We need Him! We live for and with Him!
Fellowship with our living God!
(parts from the 'At His Feet" devotional, by Chris
Negative for these due to both
parents Normal for HCM, SMA,