Behold the Personal Maine Coon, by Phyllis Stiebens
The book is ready for ordering.
You can find it at Barnes & Noble book stores, on Amazon and from
our publisher.
If you want a signed copy, it will cost more as i pay shipping to me
and then to you. Plus paypal fees and bubble wrap envelopes to mail
in. If you want a copy from me, please see pricing below.
You can order your book now, as I have ordered extra.

If you can come to my home, we have books
for sale for $25. If we ship to you, then there
are added costs.


.**If you want more than one book shipped together, wait to send any
monies until i can get a price from PO.
To order your book through me, please use
paypal to or you can
use our payment link here on website. If you
pay with paypal, please pay as FRIEND/FAMILY
to stop the fees from being taken out of the
Here is link to order the book online for yourself.

Please send appropriate payment and then
send us a note,either on
Facebook messenger
or an email to Tell me
of your order and payment, your full name,
address and country details.
Also if you wanted signature and any special
comments written in. Usually I put a short few
words and signature but have some people
wanting it made out special to a certain person
or cat. You tell me if you want anything written
If it is a gift for someone, add $1 to pricing and
we will buy a card and put this in the book.
Enjoy your copy!