Kumskaka Eternity Choice
        Silver tabby female

  (shown below at 7 months of age)
SIRE: Shaycoon Peace Upon Israel!
Silver tabby
Dam: Kumskaka Has No Other Choice
Silver patched tabby ,poly paw
The Reality of Eternity...God didn't create
eternity for you; He created you for eternity.

In the devotional that helped me cope with my
husband's death, I found a few in the month of
Feb especially important, since that was when
Greg died. And reading about Eternity is a
wonderful thing when you know your loved one
is enjoying it already.
Dated Feb 14:
"Did you know that you were made for Eternity?
That's why you can't help thinking about it. God
literally created you so you could live forever.
There's only one problem. Sin got in the way. In
effect, sin voided God's eternal warranty on your
life (Rom 6:23). Unless you deal with the sin
problem (and it's a big problem), you'll never live
to see forever (at least not forever with God).
Ah, but there's a way to deal with the sin
problem. When you accept "the free gift of
God...eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord"
(Rom 6:23), God automatically restores your
eternal warranty and puts you back on track for
forever. All of this is because of Jesus, "the
living one who died", so that death could be
defeated on your behalf, forever!" "Don't be
afraid! I am the First and the Last. I am the living
one who died. Look, I am alive forever and ever!
And I hold the keys to death and the grave." Rev

Dated Sept 14:
"Eternity is a serious business because it never
ends. Where you will spend eternity is your own
choice. (God doesn't send anyone to hell; they
go there because they reject His free offer of
salvation). Since it is up to you, make sure you
have chosen wisely---and failing to choose is a
choice in itself. If you haven't made up your mind
yet, here is a thought that might be of help: For
Christians, life on this earth is as close as they
will ever get to hell. For people who reject God,
life on this earth is as close to heaven as they
will ever get.
(If you are already belong to God, then read
those last two sentences over again whenever
you are getting weary of this world. For you, the
best is yet to come.)"  "Everyone who believes
in me will have eternal life" John 3:15
Brynn has a wonderful relaxed and content personality. She is the largest
female we have owned or seen and is amazing in her calmness, affections and
size.  Brynn is just plain ol happy about life and we adore her. She looks a lot
like her Israelie daddy Zech, with the happy temperament of her American
mama Gilli. So she is the best of both worlds! We are very happy with this
young lady!
Brynn is mama of Ollie babies right now!