Cat Merchandise for Sale
Our Catnip pillows are mostly 2
x 2 inches in size. Some are
larger. Various colors, sizes,
We use our home grown
organic catnip which is very
strong scented and drive the
cats all insane. We do NOT
grind the catnip into powder as
the stores do, as this removes
much of its strength and
longevity. We leave thick
pieces, some stems and let the
cats do the chewing and
grinding which is how the
strong scents are released.
We sell them for $1-2 each.
One favorite toy here are the
1" pom pom's. They are
carried around and hid under
blankets, pillows, into water
bowls and in places you may
never find them again. Our
cats adore them! We buy
various colors and will mix a
bag of them for you as
.50 cents each
This is an "American" bed for an
"American Maine Coon Cat". One of a
kind and limited supply (less than a
dozen left). The cats here love them
as do we! We can ship these
(International is a bit costly however).
$25 each, plus shipping
These are Delta carriers, airline approved. Sherpa brand. These
are what we use for our own cats as well as any of our kittens that
need to be shipped. Anyone who needs a carrier, this is the one
we purchase and recomend. We have other carriers available on
pet supply website, but those are not at our home for pick up but
then can be shipped in upon order and payment.
The carrier shown above is medium size and used for cats up to
16 lbs, although we have used for bigger cats when needed. It
folds down flat and easy for traveling.
We have many pet supply items besides what you see below. Ask us if you are looking for something in
particular. What we show here are what are own kittens and cats grow up with and find as their favorites!
In addition to what you see here, we  have various carriers, scratching posts, dog LED collars and more.
For the items below, send us an email or Facebook Messenger Note and we will add it all up and can then
send you a paypal invoice.
Contact us
questions or
to make an
Our book was released over the
last year and is available on
Amazon and Barnes/Noble book
stores. We also keep copies and
can offer for book rate shipping.
The book from us is $25 (plus