Our Georgia Cattery
While looking for a home north of Florida (Georgia, North and South Carolina, Tenn, and Alabama), we were looking for a nice home on some nice acreage with
a building suitable for a cattery. We knew we would not have the money for first few years to build anything, so this was a requirement for us. Well, as things
happened, none of the nice places were quite what we were looking for. While in Georgia with plans to see 2 Georgia homes that next morning and 2 in South
Carolina, we found one more online. Not thinking anyone would show it to us this quickly, we called just to see. We were 6 hours from home (Florida) so didn't
want to make another trip. Well, it worked out to see that home and out of the 5 we saw, this one stole our heart. The only bad thing was it did not have a
suitable cattery. It had a 2 car garage and it was uninsulated with dirty garage cement floor, no windows, no lighting and only one door. Well as things worked
out, we fell quite in love with the property and tried for it anyhow. The Lord blessed us to get this property in late December 2014. We spent a few days cleaning
as best we could in that garage, getting a heater and buying 2 dog kennels for our stud males. We then bought wood and built tops and shelves in these pens,
painted floor (most of it came up twice though), installed lighting, fixed doorway and tried to clean off graffiti on the walls.(I might just have to paint my own
graffiti onto the walls to cover theirs up...we'll see) We moved over end of December and New Years Day of 2015.
We hope in  mid 2016 to start building a new cattery building with 3-4 rooms, entryway and much more. As soon as finances allow, we will contact a contractor
and start our talking.
See kitten rooms next....
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