Cattery Reduction Plan
We will be placing the following cats/kittens over the next few months. We will give approx. date of when this
cat/kitten is ready for a new home. Email about anyone who catches your eye.... There is nothing 'wrong' with any
of these cats. We hope you find it in your heart to adopt an older Maine Coon. Sometimes we have a kitten that
does not sell when young and other times, we neuter/spay an adult in order to make room to add some new lines.
Pricing shown is as pets only, and all on this page will be neutered/spayed before leaving.

Email us about any of our Maine Coons!
Felicity, brown mackerel torbie female, 7 months old
spayed and ready for new home. This is just an unsold baby girl with
very easy going and calm personality. she would love to have a
family to snuggle with. If interested let us know. Her price is $7
Brina is an adult female we just got spayed. She is truly one of our finest in
every single way! She is a brown classic torbie and one of the best Maine
Coons you will ever find to adopt. Her personality cannot be beat! She will be
ready about Christmas, when all hormones are gone and surgery site is
healed. She is priced at $1000.