Prairiebaby PP Like A Bride
     Gold-eye White, poly paw
Prairiebaby Bring on the Rain PP
'Aragon', gold eye white

Prairiebaby Blessed Assurance
'Tamarack', Brown tabby
One of my favorite songs is sung by
a group called Passion, called "Even
So Come". Some of the words in the
song are what gave me the name
idea for my sweet white girl when
she flew in from Canada. Here are
some of those words:

"Like a Bride, waiting for her groom
We'll be a church ready for you.
Every heart longing for our King,
We'll Sing.....Even So come, Lord
Jesus come"

We live in the end days now with all the Bible
prophecy happening before our very eyes. We
will have no excuse as to why we were not
ready for His coming! Songs like this are a
reminder to us to live our lives every day FOR
Jesus and be ready for His great return! Won't
be so long now....
Cressida is a very special girl! She is not only
beautiful, but has the warmest and most
affectionate personality! She is funny in that
she throws herself over and wants her tummy
rubbed while getting attention. She truly knew
how to steal my heart when she arrived.  We are
looking forward to future babies from her in late