Behold When God's People Pray
Shaded cameo
SIRE: Shaycoon Peace Upon Israel!
Silver tabby
DAM: Nektarcats Like a Lily of Kumskaka
"Lilianna",Shaded silver torbie
For anyone that has watched the
movies or read the Narnia books,
you will recognise the name Eustace.
This Maine Coon fellow got this
name because his temperament was
very similar to the boy in 2 of the
books and the movie, "Voyage of the
Dawntreader". He starts out very
unpleasant and hard to even be
around and then through "changes"
in his life, he turns completely
around and becomes full of honor
and personality. Well, that is this fine
example of a Maine Coon. At first he
had too much of his daddy's
grouchiness and we decided to put
him into strict training and therapy (I
am teasing here) and this boy is now
one of the sweetest and most laid
back males ever. Since we have a
deep love of shaded cameos
(maternal grandmother is one of the
finest I have ever seen) this boy was
a family member for sure. If you ever
get to meet this Eustace, you will
agree that he is indeed honorable
and pleasant in every sense of the
word. I look forward to his future
children! He is shown here at just
turning 6 months old!
In a fine devotional I have been reading since the death of my husband, I have found many pages with the
subject of prayer. Here are a couple of the pages which really helped me a lot and I hope can encourage
you as well....
(dated Jan. 20) "Prayer isn't really talking
to God. Prayer is really talking with God. It is a conversation
between you and Him; it is a dialogue where you each take turns talking as well as listening. Most of our
prayers include a lot of our own talking, but they usually lack the important aspect of listening. Of coarse,
we don't mean to suggest that you are going to hear a celestial voice booming in the heavens like the
sound of thunder. We don't even think that you'll hear an amplified voice like God speaking through a
megaphone. That is not how He works. God usually speaks in quietness. You hear Him, not audibly with
your ears, but internally in your heart and soul. The Holy Spirit is God's voice inside of you. He wants to
speak to you, but you need to be quiet for a few moments so you can hear Him."  "Be silent, and know
that I am God!" Psalm 46:10

(dated Sept. 10) "Worry usually results when you have exhausted all of your options. When you have
done everything possible--when there is nothing left that you can do--then you worry if the problem still
exists. Well, stop worrying. There is one last step that you can take: You can pray.
Don't withhold your prayers until everything else fails. (Your first step in tackling a problem should be to
pray about it). But you'll never hit the proverbial brick wall if you remember to pray your way through it.
We are the first to admit that prayer doesn't always change the circumstances immediately, but it can
change you rather quickly. When you talk to God, He'll give you peace in the midst of your problems, and
you'll be better able to keep working on the problem (while God does, too). But don't take our word for it,
take His.' "Don't worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need and thank
Him for all He has done" Phil 4:6