Kumskaka's Gandolf the White P
Gold Eyed White, F3
SIRE: Wackymoon Coon's
Smaug of Kumskaka
Solid Red, F2
MYBPC3R negative
DAM: Kumskaka Barely Hear
Whispurr PP
GE White poly
Parents are MYBPC3R NEG.
Gandolf is a very large male with
great height and length of body
and tail. He is so in love with me
that he is a great cat to have
around. He is always full of
affections for his people. we love
this guy very much!
DNA Test results:
MYBPC3R: -/-         PKD: -/-        MPS1, MPSM: -/-
Blood type B: -/+
Dilute: -/+
Solid : -/+
HCM ultrasound negative age 2
HD Good