I breed Out-cross lines mixed with show lines and
keep our priority as Personality and Health. I invite
you to visit our Maine Coon family and meet the
happiest and most outgoing kitties ever. Most of
them will happily follow you around, play with your
shoe laces and beg for attention, trying to push the
others out of the way to get it.  We breed all colors
and both normal pawed and poly pawed (extra toes).

We are a Christian family, praising our Lord and
Savior Jesus Christ in all we do. We are John and
Phyllis Stiebens and are a happy couple. I plan to
breed Maine Coons for awhile longer before thinking
to retire from them.  I would love it if you looked me
up on Facebook. I have 2 pages there, one under my
name (Phyllis Stiebens) and the other is called
"Behold and Kumskaka Maine Coons". Say hello if
you look me up there!

My Kumskaka cattery was a small hobby that I
enjoyed learning through and keeping a small
amount of cats. I have now changed the cattery
name to Behold and although more medium in size, I
have turned it into a family business that I work
hard to keep the goal as the
future of the Maine
Coon breed. The Maine Coons have been in my  
family since 1985. This is a fantastic breed of cat
with very little grooming needs. We have now lived
in Alabama just a few months and are loving it. I am
from Ohio/Michigan and am now loving being a
southerner in every way!

Check out a copy of my book "Behold The Personal
Maine Coon". You can get one on Amazon, go to
Barnes/Noble or from the publisher now. You can
have your book shipped to me for signature or you
can buy from me. Send us a note if you need help
getting a book. We do have some at our home, so
contact us if you wanted one.
Registered in all Associations
MCBFA breeder member since 1985
CFA showing for 16 years, but now retired from shows
Behold Maine Coons
My Cattery is closed on Sundays!