Feeding raw meat to your Maine Coons

Read  and 'see' more on http://felineinstincts.com and catinfo.org
Cats are carnivores and need meat. Too many of the dry foods that are out there
nowadays, are full of fillers and ingredients that are dangerous to the long term
health of your cat. It is just like with people....if they do not eat right, they may be
okay, but they may not. And if you love your cat, why take a chance on their

For those who prefer to buy grocery store meats, there is a company who sells a
powder mix for that.
Feline Instincts, in Florida, has a few varieties of powder to fit
your needs. They also sell a powdered liver (beef or chicken) and a large squeeze
bottle of salmon oil (saves pricking oil capsules for each meal). Our cats do well
on this, and love the flavor. Our kittens are raised on this mix and really thrive on
it.  You can buy this powder with the liver included, as we do, saving yourself time.

Once a week we recommend feeding  chicken necks with nothing added. It is
mostly bone with very little flesh, so it is not for everyday feeding. The cats enjoy
it very much though so a little once in awhile is a good thing. You can buy chicken
wings in the grocery store and your cat will love it! They can make a mess
dragging it around the floor though. An occasional beef chunk  (raw only) can also
be a good treat and although they take awhile to chew it all up, they have a blast
doing this. See below:
Feeding Raw for Cats website