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If you have considered buying  a kitten from us and would like to hear from others, we hope this page
will help. When we sell a kitten, the new families then email us and give comments and questions
about their new baby. We will be posting a few of those comments below and will keep adding
photos. If you would like a personal reference about us and our way of doing business, just let us
know. We can put you in contact with breeders or pet people who can tell you more about us and our
kitties.. All  notes below are clipped from 2012-2014 e-mails.
The development of new bloodlines for the Maine Coon breed would not have been possible without you!  A huge
Thank-You to two of my close breeder friends and very special ladies: Phyllis Tobias of Kumskaka, the brave
embassador of foundation breeding and mixing with show lines and Sheila Haskins of Coonopry who has helped me
immensly by successfully and continuously advancing new foundation Maine Coons in the show ring.  Judith Schulz of
Prairiebaby Maine Coons, June 2012

our littel girl Arrives her well. after the first day she very interessted in her new home although she like the other cats
an try to play with them! she has a wonderful temprament an likes to cuddel with all of us. she is a very nice cat ;-).
Christopher in Germany

oh my gosh!...HE'S PERFECT!
the ride home was uneventful, he slept.  He fits right in here just like he was born here!
Chelsea, my daughter, just said..."look at him, he just came in and took over." the boys are playing on the living room
floor with their trucks and Truman is lying in the middle or it all. The other cats are still eyeballing him, he walked
right up to Aslan, gave him a sniff and walked away, tail in the air and everything.  Jennifer in Michigan

The first night I had them in my office --which has glass French doors --the solid red (Aaron) kept following my dog
(Mary-Italian greyhound).   At one point the solid red jumped at the glass (at Mary).  We thought--"Looks like another
dog chaser".  We let the little guys out into the rest of the house on fri night.  The cats were fearless.  The solid red--
Aaron--actually played with Mary.  We could not believe it.  The dog would chase the cat and then the cat would
chase the dog--it was hilarious.  Aaron likes to pounce on things--my feet--the dog.
Christine in Michigan

I still just cannot thank you enough.  I am so in love!  Were you calling Matilda by her name?  It seems like she already
knows it.  It is so funny.  Everytime I say Matilda, she looks right at me.  She is so smart.  I just knew she would be.  
And Jasper, he has such a motor on him.  The minute I touch him it kicks on :  ) They are both the sweetest babies
ever.  When I sit down on the floor with them, they crawl up in my lap, and I have a kitten on each leg--teehee.  
Matilda is such a cuddler.  I've been bringing Julian into their sanctuary for visits.  He and Jasper already get along just
great.  Matilda is starting to warm up to him.  She hissed and moaned a little at first, but Julian is a good ambassador.  
He just rolled over and showed his belly and acted all sweet.  She's still not completely convinced--clever girl--and
keeps her eye on him when he sits close to her.  I'd say that is pretty good for a first night.  
Kelly in Arkansas

She is doing so amazing and I just love her!! She is constantly cuddled up in my lap and cannot stop eating... she is
getting a little belly on her.  She and my other cat are getting along great and are always running around together.  
She is exactly the cat I was looking for and everyone who has come to see her as fallen in love with her!! Thanks,
Jennifer in Texas

He always makes us laugh. I recently sprayed cat nip from a spray bottle, and he went crazy. It was hilarios to see how
he acted. I left my tuna sandwich out and he completely got into that! I wish I would have taken a picture of the time
that he got into my roomates orange turned his whole mouth/face orange and it wouldnt wash out for a
couple days! He keeps us laughing.
Leighann in Michigan

Dolce has definitely captured my heart, I love her so so so much! She loves to sleep on pillows and cuddle with stuffed
animals. At night she has been sleeping in the bed with Ames or on her little bed with her lamb
She is going to be such a wonderful pet and I feel so lucky and blessed to have her in our lives. Thank you for doing a
great job of raising her and for letting us be her new parents
I took her to the vet yesterday and everyone there loved Dolce and she especially loved the vet (Dr. Tim) she was
licking his face and wouldn't mind letting him examine her
Nora in Missouri

Geb is doing just fine.  He seems to be really happy, and his so loving.  I love it so much.  I was laying on the bed and
he had to keep heading butting me, and just loving on me, and he just purrs up a storm!  I really love him,
Denise in Michigan.

When you said I  was going to have my hands full because of his personality you were exactly right! I have never been
around a more "dog" like cat. He tries to get in the shower with me and will take the opportunity to  
mess with any water he can get his paws into. He wakes me up early every morning to play fetch with him, most of the
time I'm half asleep and just throw whatever he brings me. Ashley in Colorado

Hi Phyllis,   
We would like to Thank you so much for the opportunity to have a remarkable little kitten. We have named him Rascal
and from the time we picked him up, we have been so pleased with his sweet personality, he just loves to have the
human touch and his purr is so gratifying to know he seems to be just as happy with his owners. From Michigan to
Florida he was the perfect little traveler. Once at home the adjustment only took about four weeks  for the new
environment,  that included a new home, an elderly cat , a parrot , and two large dogs. They did not seem to  bother
him in the least.  He held his ground and proceeded to include himself into the family. Rascal, at 5 months now weighs
8 lbs 12 ounces and his best  buddy is the young border collie that he plays with daily,and he cuddles in the legs of
the Australian shepherd and helps clean, and is also cleaned by the elderly cat. Rascal has brought amazing life back
into our old cat. We chose the Maine coon cat just because of the unique qualities they have. There is not too much
in life that really bothers them and they have the best disposition as far as wanting to know their people and be a part
of their family. We are so glad we found you and thanks again for our little "Rascal"!!  Dan and Lynn  in Florida.

I’m home too and I want to thank you so much for sending this wonderful, super lovely kittens ! What a lover what a
sweet easy kitten !She looks so good, she plays, she would love to go outside already, not yet 
She has eaten ( we feed lots of raw meat too) good ! everything went smoothly 
And I do understand you would miss this girl, she gave me kisses even if she has seen me for the first time. Also at the
shipper she was only purring and headbanging. Oh and those feet ! Dominic fell head over heals in love with the feet
and with her, he has been cuddling her since they came home kitty in Netherlands

We named him Mufasa and he ends up being called 'Moofy" for short. Sounds silly but it fits him. I have to tell you that
he is the sweetest most affectionate and entertaining cat I have ever had. He was the center of attention for
Christmas, and could not have been more charming. He wore a Christmas bandana and a bell and really thought he was
special. He climbed in boxes and closed the lid on himself and then played peek a boo; crawled inside a gift bag while
my sister was opening her presents and fell asleep. We had to move him to the side so he didn't get stepped on!! He
likes it best when I hold him like a baby and he will reach up and pat my face and just purrs non stop. He loves
everyone. I could not thank you enough for this little boy.  Christine in New York

Well, it's been love at first sight around here! What a handsome little man! He is a sweetheart! He just purrs all the
time! He is adjusting very quickly! He hasn't hidden any!! Bubby is still trying to figure out my little dogs! We have  (2) 4
pound Yorkies and a 4 pound Pomeranian.He smells and hisses, but he doesn't run away. They are very fun loving little
dogs, no rough stuff so it shouldn't be long and they'll all be best buds! The other 2 Maine coon boys are just fine with
Bubby too. Hey! This little guy is soo cute! He acts like he was raised here now! No problems with the other cats or
dogs! Everybody is doing great! He lets me hold him!!! He just purrs up a storm! I'm an in your face kisser and he loves
it! We smooch and squeeze all the time   Gigi in Indiana

Wow, you wouldnt believe how excited we were to see him for the first time! When they brought him out I couldn't
believe he was just a kitten!! He is so big and  soooo gorgeous!!! We are definatly happy to have him! We got him in
the truck and I opened his carrier and let him come out on his own, which took only a few seconds :). He layed
between us and let us rub his tummy and acted as if he'd known us for years! I couldnt stop petting and loving on him!
He even took a short nap in the truck and acted so calm! Thank you so much for him! Seeing how he acts shows alot
about your excelence as a breeder...we are impressed!! Bobby and Valerie in Virginia

Bill says: " I really like the way Honey eyes my shoulder and then excitedly leaps on to it and wraps herself around my
neck. She'll stay there for hours if I let her."
Karen says:  I haven't had a baby for a long time and really like the way Tom cuddles.  He is so sweet there's not a
person in the world who would not love him.
Bill and Karen in Michigan

You will be happy to know that Palin is making nice adjustments and is becoming  a fun and friendly kitty.  We brought
her to our lake home on Tuesday and by Wednesday morning she was right at home. Chuck and Judy in Michigan

She is adjusting fantastically. She has introduced herself to my other girls and things went pretty well, she is already
trying to play with them, although they do not quite know what to make of her. She has a cute little chirp that she
does when she is about to spring at them She slept with me, all night like she had known me for ever. She curled up
along my side and slept with me all night. The only time she got up was when my other cat, Beeba, came in to
investigate and she jumped down to greet her. Jeff in Michigan

The girls are doing great!  Carol will send you pictures of them.  We had both spayed about one month ago and they
are doing great.  Zoe is a little brat and always in something she should not be in, but she is a people cat.  Seve is our
easy go lucky cat.  Seve is much fuller than Zoe, I imagine Seve would have been a good show quality girl.   They both
follow Carol around the house and sleep with us each night.  Do they like to EAT!!!!!  I am their favorite twice a day,
morning and evening feeding time.  I pull out their food and do they talk and purr.   They have been a great addition
to our home.   Derrick in Florida

Just wanted to check in and let you know how things are going with Duke. He weighed in at 11.7 pounds on his 5
month birthday. He is a doll and I love him so much. Lisa in Bahamas

Glad is her usual lovable self, bringing me her washcloth and talking LOUDLY as she announces the arrival. And just
since this past summer, she is also talking to me more, even without the washcloth. She LOVES to be loved and
combed, and trimming toenails is routine for her now, since a "treat" comes after the clipping and combing.
Sue in Michigan

Scooter talks CONSTANTLY to me, his toys or nothing in particular. He also will give me the slow eye blink, and his
meow is sometimes the silent raising of his lips. He can be sleeping and will chatter when I say his name. He still loves
to play fetch, and will bring me his special mouse or milk jug ring, laying it on my feet. This morning, it arrived as I was
trying to brush my teeth. Thankfully I caught it before it ended up in the sink.
Sue in Michigan

Oliver is very happy and he has us wrapped around his little paws. He had gotten bigger since you send him.
He is learning to ride in the car as he goes to groomer for his nails and hair. He has a pet car seat now. No worries we
only ride with the top up when Ollie in the car.
Tory in Florida

In Billy's all right, it's very dear cat.
It has extremely good character. He loves everyone and everyone loves him.
Dorothea in Germany

Jarrod is in love!  Best part is she is a licker which he loves! From video I sent...What you don't see because I stopped
taping is him crying in the car.  He is head over heels in love and won't leave her alone for a minute!  he had me crying
too!  She is such a doll and what a loud little motor on her!  Soon as you touch her the purring starts up!
Oh she has stolen all our hearts that's for sure!  He took the whole day to decide on her full name... Queen Kona
Kakini Kapiolani. Will call her Kona.
Lisa in Bahamas

Funny story...Ducky is hilarious, he LOVES the radcat chicken. Loves, loves loves it. When he gets hungry, (belive me
he gets fed very often) he will walk up to me and 'talk'. It almost sounds like a baby asking for a bottle!  he has chosen
his favorite toys... a bee that crinkles and makes a buzz sound and a Star Wars Hans Solo mouse...oh and a circular toy
that chirps when he bats the ball inside. ....Have I mentioned that i am wild about him? We slept in today, till 9am, yes
he slept on my pillow from 11-9. He was meant to be a writer's kitty. My son suggested his middle name be velcro as he
is most defiantly a lap, chest, legs, back,arms cat hahaaaaaaaaaaaa. He also likes to be held like a
baby and cooed at!
Saber in Texas