Nektarcats Like a Lily of Kumskaka
shaded silver torbie
So why do you worry
about clothing?
Consider the lilies of the
field, how they grow!
They neither toil nor
spin, and yet I say to
you that even Solomon
in all his glory was not
arrayed like one of
these. Matthew 6:28-29
IC Alwaro Troy
Brown tabby
Dam: IC Big-Hannibal's Red Ice
Cream smoke
Grandsire: W'Volcano Alwaro PL
HCM genetest: negative

Granddam: Alwaro Biscaya
(both parents HCM gene test negative)
Grandsire: Langstteich's Never
HCM ultrasound: negative
HCM genetest: negative

Granddam: Big Hannibal's
Dream Girl
HCM ultrasound :negative
HCM genetest: negative
Lilianna is a true joy to have in our home. We picked her out when she was only 3
days old and knew even then that she would be a real beauty! She is so easy going and
happy about life and gets along with everyone. This is our little Greek import and
shown above at less than 6 months old. She is truly the most beautiful Maine coon we
have ever seen!  Thank you Nektaria!