Behold Our Lord Reins
       Odd Eye White, F5
Sire: Prairiebaby Harvest Rain PP
GE White, "

Grandsire:Prairiebaby Hope for
Harvest, "Harvest"
HD: Good
HCM echo: normal age 3
DNA HCM: -/-

Granddam: Prairiebaby
Mercysweetspringrain PP, "Rayn"
DNA HCM: -/-
HCM echo: normal age 6
Dam: Kumskaka Midnight

Grandsire: Kumskaka's
Gandolf the
White P, GE White poly, F3
HCM echo: normal at age 2,3 & 6
DNA HCM: -/-
PKD negative
HD: Good
SMA: negative
Patella : Normal

Granddam: Kumskaka's Surely
Pro-Life, black & White, F4, "
HCM echo: normal age 2
DNA HCM: -/-
Ollie is one fantastic lover!
He is always happy and
loving on me, every second
he can get. He does not like
the flash on the camera
which actually show his
which actually show his
lovely odd eyes is very hard
to do. This guy plays hard
and gets into action anytime
there is a toy near by,
especially one with feathers.
We love Ollie! At left he is
just 8 months old and on
right he is now 16 months
Harvest parents:

Prairiebaby Hope of Eternity, "Sylvan"
Silver mac/white
HCM echo: normal age 1 & 4.5
DNA HCM: -/-
PKD negative

Coonopry River Song for Hope,
"Hazelnut" Brown tabby
HCM ultrasound negative age 2
HCM gene test negative

Rayn's parents:

Kumskaka Merciful Rain PP, "Hobbit"
GE White
OFA Fair

Prairiebaby Rise Up and Dance ,
"Jelly Roll", Bluecream van poly
HCM ultrasound negative age 1 & 6.3
HCM gene test negative
PKD negative
HD Good
Gandolf parents:

Wackymoon Coon's Smaug of
F2, red solid
DNA HCM: -/-
HD: Good

Kumskaka Barely Hear the Whispurr PP
GE White
DNA HCM: -/- (both parents)
HD: fair

Haley parents:

Coonopry Deserado
Brown tabby/white
HD: Good

Wackymoon Coon Glory Hallelujah, F3
parents are DNA HCM -/-
dam is HD: fair
dam is HCM echo nomal 3x
Speaking of our Lord Jesus we read:
"Then comes the end, when He delivers the kingdom to
God the Father, when he puts an end to all rule and all
authority and power, for He must reign till He has put all
enemies under His feet. The last enemy that will be
destroyed is death.
I Cor 15:24-26