Potential Litters
1. Brooklin and Malachi
This will be her first and only litter. Once babies are weaned she will be
spayed and looking for pet home. We can expect all colors in this mix.
Malachi is poly pawed so we may get poly babies. Babies are due
March 4-6

2. Brea and Malachi
This will be a solid litter since both parents are solid. Both are also
smoked so we hope for lots of smokes. Daddy is poly pawed so polys
are possible. Babies would be due about March 13-15

3.Victory and Joyson. This will be a first litter for both of them, and
hoping for all silver tabbies, plus some poly pawed. I am most excited
for this litter. Victory is a daughter of Racie and Malachi so mixing with
Joyson, who is a son of Hei Hei and Josey (both fixed and in pet
homes now), I am most excited. Babies would be due about March

March will be very busy here. Let us know if you want to be on a
waiting list!